Sour Space Candy: 2020 Hemp Flower CBD Strain Review

The Sour Space Candy hemp flower CBD strain is a breed that has become increasingly popular amongst new and experienced CBD users alike. However, is it worth giving a try?

In this article, we will provide a detailed breakdown of this popular CBD strain to help answer this question. Let’s get started.

What is Sour Space Candy?

The manufacturers of this hemp blossom strain Sour Space Candy made it by crossing a pot of Ancient Resin Berry (ERB) together with the notorious Sour Tsunami. The blend of both of these popular breeds has produced an exceptional blossom with sweet apple flavoring. Though the Sour Space Candy breed is a hybrid vehicle, its dominant genetic breeds are Sativa.

The THC content in Sour Space Candy averages 0.1 percent using a CBD percent of about 19 percent. The taste profile for this breed also includes a gentle sour taste together with the cider vinegar. Few breeds can claim to generate flavor as exceptional as this of Sour Space Candy CBD blossom.

Genetics and Characteristics

The Sour Space Candy CBD breed originated in Oregon, and lots of users consider it the very best cannabidiol to emerge from this area of the nation in the last several decades. Sour Space Candy owes its strong odor and taste to the breeding procedure which introduces three prominent kinds of terpenes. These include B-Caryophyllene, B-Myrcene, Bisabolol, and Farnesene. People Today recognize Sour Space Candy because of a particular breed with a high percent of CBD. When combined with ERB, it turns into an attractive hemp blossom filled with exceptional taste and taste.

Oregon CBD creates Sour Space Candy. This firm is well-known for its high quality and sourcing of those ideal ingredients from all over the world. The assignment of Oregon CBD would be to make the maximum quality strains of hemp available for sale now.

The flower buds out of Sour Space Candy are medium or large. Most buds have brown hairs growing out of them and exhibit a green color. The bud is elliptical and manly in its own form. As a result of this great deal of resin within Sour Space Candy CBD, a tacky feel is among its defining features.

Flavor and Aroma

The tropical odor of Sour Space Candy is pungent and will make people feel as though they’re at the Amazon. The small citrus odor gets stronger in case you break the blossom apart. As any lover of hemp blossom already understands, the odor of these buds is also a significant part of the general experience.

The Sour Space Candy bud lives up to its title by leaving a flavor of sweet candy apples on your mouth. Additionally, it contains a hint of cherry flavor for a perfect equilibrium. Fans of Sour Space Candy CBD enjoy it for its distinctive flavor and odor together with comfort and other benefits they get from it.

Potential Effects and Benefits as Reported by Users

As a favorite CBD breed amongst numerous users, Sour Space Candy boasts an unbelievable 20 percent CBD content and provides a varied mix of cannabinoids and terpenes, such as high-levels of their anti-inflammatory terpene, Myrcene. While results might vary between people, users generally report that Sour Space Candy is very good for relaxing afternoon or night.

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